Student's Experience

Still not convinced if you should apply for the Best Econometric Thesis Award? Winner Nishad Matawlie may be able to help you out:

“I am very glad that I participated in the Best Econometric Thesis Award (βETA) 2015. The thesis is the final product of your study and it takes a lot of effort to complete it. The βETA offers a great opportunity to proudly present your thesis to the outer world. A group of experts from Veneficus and the Econometric Institute judge your thesis on its innovative value. If you make it to the finals, the summary of your thesis gets published in the MET and you may present your thesis in front of a large audience!

At first it was not even my goal to submit my thesis for the βETA. I do however wanted to write my thesis as good as possible. After receiving a nice grade and some encouragements to participate, I decided to send in my thesis after all. I did not expect to end up winning the award. So I would definitely encourage all who have written their thesis or are still writing, to participate in the βETA and to even let it motivate you to reach higher, to excel with your thesis. Your thesis can be a major academic contribution and off course the reward of €1000 makes it all even better. I used my prize money for an amazing trip to Thailand. Hence, the βETA can offer you an awesome reward and great satisfaction for all the energy and effort you put in your thesis. Best of luck to all of you!”

Nishad Matawlie