Eredivisie Football Club Excelsior is the first partner of the FAECTOR Consultancy Project! Excelsior faces the problem of highly fluctuating sales. The amount of tickets sold and type of audience differ strongly per match. The reason why is unknown; possibly, weather, time, day and which opponent Excelsior plays against, influence the sales. Excelsior collects data of its audience every match. Data analysis can help Excelsior in its marketing, planning and sales. That’s why Excelsior needs a team of econometricians! 

The Consultancy Team on this project consists of the following members:

  • Thomas van der Schaft (Project leader)
  • Soomin Kim
  • Daniël Allick
  • Mirnesa Ibisevic
  • Fabian Neefjes
  • Livia Kempkens (Coordinator from the Consultancy Committee)