Dutch Health Inspectorate

The Dutch Healthcare Inspectorate (IGJ) checks and controls all healthcare institutions (hospitals, pharmacies, dentists, etc) in the Netherlands. Because there are incredibly many healthcare providers, but limited amount of inspectors, the inspectorate intervenes and visits institutions based on risk analysis. The inspectors need the help of econometricians to improve the risk analysis: the inspectorate has collected thousands of patient reviews and wants to use this in the risk analysis. Where do we find most negative reviews? Do dentists score better than GPs? Which outliers form most risk? The team on this project helps to improve the Dutch health care system with data & analytics!

The Consultancy Team on this project consists of:

  • Bart van Rossum (project leader)
  • Sophia Hummelman
  • Marieke van Brussel
  • Florine van Meer
  • Frederique Ram
  • Fabrice van Roozendaal (coordinator from the Consultancy Committee)