Rotterdam Partners

Rotterdam Partners is a company dedicated to moving the city forward. They focus on Rotterdam’s image and promote the Rotterdam region nationally and internationally. They are responsible for cities marketing, acquisition and they aim to develop a better business climate in Rotterdam. Rotterdam Partners joins the FAECTOR Consultancy Project with two different projects:


To create a better business climate, Rotterdam Partners need to gain insight into which type of companies or projects are underrepresented in the city. To do so, Rotterdam Partners want to understand how companies and projects are divided in the Netherlands. Furthermore, they want to know which type of projects create the most employment and what they can potentially do to land these projects in Rotterdam.


One of the main tasks for Rotterdam Partners is to stimulate a sustainable and qualitative growth of Rotterdam’s economy. They want to gain insight in the ‘drivers’ behind the recent growth of the amount of tourists in the city. Which factors play a role in the increase of hotel rooms booked and could it perhaps be possible to forecast the amount of tourists who will sleep in hotels?