Inhouse Day ING

Ever wondered what the possibilities are for an econometrician in one of the largest Dutch multinationals? Then join FAECTORs inhouse day visiting ING in Amsterdam!  You will find out how much more ING has to offer next to Quantitative Finance jobs since the program leans to all possible master directions. Starting off with a lunch you will get the opportunity to meet the company in a more informal setting. Afterwards we will receive presentations about the possibilities for Quantitative Finance and Quantitative Marketing orientating students. Lastly you will partake in an interesting case that is more in the direction of Quantitative Logistics. 

This inhouse day will take place on Tuesday the 19th of March from 12:00 until 18:00 at ING in Amsterdam.

- Business Trip participants have already been registered for this inhouse day.
- This event is only open for third year students and higher.