FAECTOR Ski Trip 2020

All good things come to an end: the end of the warm weather, the end of the long and sunny days, the end of the late nights not stressing about study and of course the end of the summer holidays. Nothing good comes with winter. Or does it?
Of course it does! The beginning of the winter means that it’s time for the (in our humble opinion) greatest event that FAECTOR organises: The annual FAECTOR ski trip!

Picture yourself at the top of a mountain. As the cold wind is trying to bite through your comfy jacket you look down at the beautiful pistes. The warm sun shining, you put your ski glasses on and start your descend. As you flaneer downwards, hundreds and hundreds of meters fresh snow soft as cream passing by, you look at your friends skiing along. Together you arrive at the bar, where others are already enjoying their first, second, third, ... beers. And if these things didn’t give you goosebumps yet, this year, both breakfast and dinner is included! In other words: more money to spend on the après skiing ;).

Allright, now that we’ve convinced you to sign up, some information to write down in your calendars already:

- The skitrip will take place 10-15 january. 
- Costs are 325 euros, this includes skipass, accommodation, breakfast, dinner and some extra’s. Note that this doesn’t include renting materials.
- Location is San Sicario, Italy.
- The subscriptions will open 7 October, 16:54. Note that previous years it took less than a minute before it was full, so stay sharp and press F5.
- More details will be announced later!

We hope you are just as excited as we all are!