Introduction Camps

FAECTOR usually organises two introduction camps for the new students to get to know each other before the academic year starts. During an introduction camp you will be able to get acquainted with fellow students, FAECTOR and the study Econometrics in general! Due to COVID-19 there is not an introduction camp but an introduction programme. The exact details about this programme will follow later, but a quick overview can be found below.

Together with the Erasmus School of Economics, FAECTOR organises an introduction programme for new students in the last week of August. Separately organized for the international and Dutch econometrics programme, it offers you an opportunity to get to know the university, the city of Rotterdam and your fellow students in a fun and informal way, before the semester starts. Several educational and social activities are planned during the day. The goal of the introduction programme is to make you feel comfortable and at home around your new classmates, and of course to get warmed-up and excited to start your studies. Moreover, it is the perfect way to get a feeling of what FAECTOR can offer you during and after your study! We really recommend taking part in our introduction programme.

Usually there are the two camps: PINKWIN and PENGUIN, organised by FAECTOR on it's own. The former one is organised for students Econometrie & Operationele Research (the Dutch version), whereas the latter is organised for students International Bachelor Econometrics & Operations Research and BSc² Econometrics/Economics. More information about these regular introduction camps can be found be clicking on one of these camps in the menu on the left.